Zona de Conforto / Zona de Confronto

Isolation Series (2007-2014)

Object “O” assumes the meaning “m” in time “t”, place “p”, situation “s” in relation to person/persons “x” then and only then.
Jan Swidzinski (1923 – 2014)

The daily life and performance art are the main source of my research and art pieces. In my work I deconstruct ordinary quotidian practice to analyse patterns and traditional schemes of doing things. The performance art platform (time x space x action x context) is a powerful tool for me to think the process and the final result, which can be installations, objects, video, photography and also performance pieces. I like to create unusual ways to see the commom things, combining different disciplines and playing with it’s similarities, differences, contrasts and harmony, to purpose new lenses to see/feel/think the current time.

Recurring themes
· factors of identity and belonging
· imagery of contemporary daily life
· (how) to be in the world
· permanent state of crisis